Exhibition facilities
Kabul AgFairs have been held at Badam Bagh Research Center on the fairground purposefully built to host fairs. It is built around a circle with walking paths and provides excellent visibility and access to each exhibitor. Thus, while reserving the booth, exhibitors can be assured of getting a well-placed booth.

The fairground consists of 180 booths within the circle each being 3 meters by 4 meters. There is also a possibility to combine two or more booths. The total area of the fairground is 316 meters length of 109 meters width.

In addition to the booths, there are two halls on the fairground used for the Business to Business Matchmaking Meetings, Knowledge Center presentations, and special exhibitions.

Kabul International Agfair is the largest trade fair in the country and booths are sold out quickly after the registration process starts. We recommend you reserve booths soon after the registration process is announced.


The entire exhibition area is guarded by the Ministry’s Security team. During the preparatory stage and exhibition days, security on the ground will be provided 24 hours a day.


AgFair management will provide logistical support to the participants. This includes food, availability of the bottled water and access to toilets.

For any additional information, please contact the AgFair manager on the phone number: +93(0)787 057 030 or +93(0)799 443 180, or email: