The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL) welcomes all visitors, agricultural producers, cooperatives, retailers, wholesalers and agribusinesses to the 2016 Spring AgFair. This year’s fair will be held from March 20 – 23, 2016, at the Badam Bagh Fairground in Kabul. We hope that all members of the agribusiness community, both foreign and domestic, will utilize the full business potential of this event, which is the largest trade fair in Afghanistan.

Why participate?

  • To present your products and new technologies
  • To strengthen and enlarge your business network
  • To identify profitable investment sectors in agriculture
  • To gain valuable information from leading business representatives
  • To access a market which offers some of the most sought-after varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables and spices in the world.

The Ministry of Agriculture annually holds two international AgFairs in Kabul. These events serve as a meeting point for agricultural producers, retailers, domestic and international traders, as well as producers and traders of agriculture equipment. The best of Afghanistan’s agriculture produce is presented during the course of the fairs, and the Ministry of Agriculture facilitates participant’s promotion and access to regional markets through hosting such agricultural fairs. In addition to organizing the Ag Fair, the Ministry’s Private Sector Development Directorate serves agriculture businesses throughout the year.

The Spring AgFair and Kabul International AgFair are places where not only agriculture produce and equipment are displayed and traded, but also new ideas and advanced practices exchanged in areas such as agricultural production, irrigation, high-quality seeds production, plant protection, animal health, food preservation, and quality standards and certification. As part of the AgFair, we have established a Knowledge Center to provide our visitors with useful presentations and roundtable discussions on topics that are the most relevant for Afghanistan’s agriculture sector and your business. We invite you to visit our information desks to consult MAIL’s experts on different agricultural issues.

Additionally, business to business meetings is organized to facilitate communication between the various participants.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s AgFairs are not only good for your business but are also entertaining programs suitable for you and your family. Welcome!